The Latin Grammys come to Universidad de los Andes

Professor Carlos Silva
Professor Carlos Silva mastered the album Ni un paso atrás by Jorge Celedón.
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Carlos Arturo Silva Castro, teacher in the Department of Music at Universidad de los Andes was one of this year´s Latin Grammy winners.

This award has been a long time coming for the musician as he has been nominated on seven occasions during his career. In 2015, he was nominated for a Grammy for his work with Toto la Momposina.

As well as teaching at Los Andes, this sound engineer is director and head mastering engineer at his own company: C1M. This company has dedicated over a decade to musical mastering. The producer is a member of the Latin Recording Academy, which allows him to register the mastered productions there so as they can be nominated in different categories.

It was this mastering work that quite rightly led to his triumph at this year´s Latin Grammys. Sivia Castro was in charge of mastering the album Ni un paso atrás by Jorge Celedón.
He describes his job as his passion that has spurred him forwards ever since he found music when he was young.

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