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With our philanthropic causes we foster the values of solidarity and reciprocity, fundamental to increase the impact on donors and beneficiaries.


With our philanthropic causes we foster the values of solidarity and reciprocity, fundamental to increase the impact on donors and beneficiaries.







Graduados con honores

Graduating with honors

14.2% of the Quiero Estudiar program beneficiaries have graduated with honors.

22 Summa Cum Laude students, 7 Magna Cum Laude, and 54 Cum Laude.

Distribución socio económica de beneficiarios

Socio-economic distribution of the beneficiaries

Our beneficiaries mainly belong to households that earn between two and three monthly minimum wages. 16.04% of Colombians who have had access to higher education have income that is 2.5 times higher than the population that has only finished secondary school.*

Beneficiarios de Quiero Estudiar por Facultad

Beneficiaries by faculty

Photo of Andrés Morales


Andrés Morales

"I was privileged to have studied thanks to a scholarship, and today I am fortunate enough to have given back and donated to Quiero Estudiar and the Fund for Special Programs"

Donor Carlos Enrique Cavelier


Enrique Cavelier

"Having been educated in completely inclusive institutions, it was clear for me that I should make an effort to open a door that helps to allow meritocracy prevail in this society"

photo of Fabio Murillo


Fabio Murillo

"Contributing to Quiero Estudiar is the best way of providing our young people with a better future. When someone has the conviction to do this, they can do so without it being important who they are"


We all have stories to tell, dreams to achieve and goals to fulfill. These are just some of the testimonials of the recipients of generous donations like yours.


Óscar Camilo Salgado Barrero - Grado Summa Cum Laude en Microbiología (2010)

Óscar Camilo Salgado Barrero

Quiero Estudiar is a perfect example of social mobility – a way of redistributing opportunities and a way of reducing the social gap that we have in Colombia. I am very thankful to the donors and to the Universidad de los Andes for having given me this opportunity. ...

Photo of Nicolás Rodríguez Jeangros

Nicolás Rodríguez Jeangros

I was very fortunate to have been able to study in Uniandes thanks to Quiero Estudiar, I hope one day to create a new fund with which I can give another student the same opportunity I had....

Photo of Harry Ramos Borda

Harry Ramos Borda

Quiero Estudiar is the best example of how a university can change a country when it gives outstanding young people access to quality higher education. ...

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With our Quiero Estudiar program, since 2006 the university, together with alumni, friends, companies, teachers, students, and employees has dedicated itself to giving talented young people who do not have the financial resources necessary to study in the university more opportunities.