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Terms and conditions of use

We have made it possible for the community to make online donations from the comfort of their home or office via our donations website.

Before using the Uniandes donations website, please make sure that you have read the terms and conditions of use. Only continue using our services if you understand and fully agree with them. The terms and conditions of use are part of every online donation process.

When using the donations website, which belongs to the Universidad de los Andes, each user/ donor should expressly agree to the following conditions:

a) These terms and conditions of online service are taken from the crowdfunding website.
b) The terms of use of the Universidad de los Andes´ technology services are referred to herein.

The Donation Form is a safe site as it has a (https://) security protocol. The purpose of the certificate is to ensure the identity of a remote computer and is issued by UTN-USER First Hardware, url - created by The USERTRUST Network.

About the Donation Form
The completed Donation Form is considered by law to be the donor´s donation offer. Other than online donations that are made using this form, there are other ways of donating: please access the following link to find out more

Donor´s obligations:
The donor guarantees the Universidad de los Andes:

  • That they are legally able to implement the legal act in question.

  • That they are the owner of the payment method with which the donation will be made.

  • That the money being donated comes from legal and not illegal sources.

  • The donor authorizes the Universidad de los Andes to debit/ credit their card with the value stipulated in the Donation Form.

What are recurring donations?
Using this option you can program a recurring donation with fixed amounts to make automatic payments for a defined time-frame and frequency.

How to change, pause, or cancel recurring donations
If you wish to change the terms of your recurring donation or pause/ cancel your donation, you are required to send an email to stating the following information and terms that apply:

1. Changing your recurring donation

  • First Name(s):

  • Surname(s):

  • National ID number:

  • Donation amount:

  • I commit to donating each:

  • Period:

2. Pausing the recurring donation

  • First Name(s):

  • Surname(s):

  • National ID number:

  • I wish to pause my donation from (day, month, year): _____________

3. Cancelling the recurring donation

  • First Name(s):

  • Surname(s):

  • National ID number:

  • Reason for cancelling:

Warning: We recommend that you do not send bank details that allow funds to be withdrawn from your account via email.


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