Laura Tamayo Rojas

Photo of Laura Tamayo Rojas

I would like to thank Uniandes for opening its doors to me and my donor for having turned my dream into a reality.

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Harry Ramos Borda

Photo of Harry Ramos Borda

Quiero Estudiar is the best example of how a university can change a country when it gives outstanding young people access to quality higher...

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Nicolás Rodríguez Jeangros

Photo of Nicolás Rodríguez Jeangros

I was very fortunate to have been able to study in Uniandes thanks to Quiero Estudiar, I hope one day to create a new fund with which I can ...

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Óscar Camilo Salgado Barrero

Óscar Camilo Salgado Barrero - Grado Summa Cum Laude en Microbiología (2010)

Quiero Estudiar is a perfect example of social mobility – a way of redistributing opportunities and a way of reducing the social gap that we...

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