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With the donations program, we are helping the country´s social and scientific development through academy.

What are we looking for?

To make financial contributions to undergraduate and postgraduate students, research projects, and teachers in order to increase Colombians' access to the university and to contribute to the academic development of the country.

With the university's donation programs, we are looking to give the best students in the country access to higher education as well as finance research programs that are essential for the development of Colombia.

Undergraduate students

High-school graduates between 16 and 21 who have excellent academic results but do not have sufficient financial resources to afford the university.

Postgraduate students

Professionals with an outstanding academic background who see the university as a way of continuing their professional training and making a contribution to scientific development.

Research and teachers

Scientific and technological development projects that contribute to the university´s positioning as a leading institution in global, regional, and local academia. 

Donating also benefits you


Satisfaction through contributing to the reduction of inequality in the country through quality higher education.

Know the tax legislation

Support the country´s social and academic development through the philanthropic causes the university offers that have specific conditions and generate tax

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