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With our Quiero Estudiar program, we give young people who have obtained an excellent grade in their Icfes exam and who want to study in Uniandes but have limited resources access to higher education.

We have designed the Quiero Estudiar program to be sustainable over time using a concrete plan that allows us to systematically increase coverage. To make this possible, a student who has benefited from the program makes the commitment to help future students when they have finished studying and begin their career. This contribution will be proportional to their future salary for an established period of time. As such, the number of students who benefit from the program will progressively increase. We want every excellent and talented student in the country to be able to study in the Universidad de los Andes whatever their financial, social, or family situation. We know that the goal is ambitious, and we are sure that we will be able to achieve our goal if we have the support from generous donors like you: people committed to more Colombians having the opportunity to access quality higher education.

We will achieve this goal through our commitment as a university and with the commitment from the beneficiaries and donors; together we will grow the Quiero Estudiar program.


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