Fondo Henry Yerly

Photo of Henry Yerly

The Henry Yerly Fund is an investment in the talent of students in the Mathematics department of the Faculty of Science.

The Henry Yerly Fund invests in talented students from the Department of Mathematics and the Faculty of Sciences.

It was set up in memory of professor Henry Yerly, who dedicated his life to teaching and contributed greatly to mathematical education in the Universidad de los Andes.

This fund was set up with an initial contribution from professor Henry Yerly who left his inheritance for scholarships to be granted to excellent students studying mathematics. It has also been funded through donations made by alumni, friends, companies, and other members of the Uniandino community.

This scholarship is intended for new and old students studying mathematics who show academic excellence and who have limited financial resources to pay their tuition fees.

Henry Yerly, mathematician (1901 - 1984)

Henry was a Franco-Swiss teacher known as ´Monsieur Yerly´. He was awarded his degree from the University of Fribourg and was in charge of the Department of Physics and Mathematics at the Universidad de los Andes.

His students remembered him for his way of teaching that they called the "Yerly method", which consisted in dividing the subject of study into fundamental parts and then getting the students to present and analyze with the teacher and classmates the area that they had previously prepared on pre-established dates.

Although the method was used in the whole university, particularly in the humanities, the discipline and demands that Monsieur Yerly made in his classes turned him into a symbol of academic rigor.


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