PDI 2016 - 2020 Universidad de los Andes
PDI 2016 - 2020 Universidad de los Andes

Strategy 2016 - 2020

University of the Andes is a leader and a reference in higher education in Latin America, guided by principles of excellence, inclusion, diversity, solidarity, innovation, internationalization and liaison with regions. Uniandes contributes to society with the quality and relevance of its teaching and research/creation, and its professional quality, leadership capacity and ethics of its graduates.

Recent News

Hand holding cannabis spheres

Experts in Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela, and Colombia, met at the Second Regional Workshop on Drug Production, Trafficking, and Policy in the Ande

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Woman smoking in front of a woman vaping
Colorful grid with pictures behind

An interdisciplinary group were awarded a patent for the process of obtaining the chromatic attributes of natural surroundings.

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