Research Universidad de los Andes
Research Universidad de los Andes


There are 140 categorized/ranked research groups. The categorization or ranking is done by Colciencias (Colombia ́s Administrative Department of Science, Technology and Innovation . Of these 140 groups, 41 have been classified as A1 (in 2008, only eight groups were ranked in this group).

3.913 Documents published in Scopus between 2001 and 2013. 66.5% of the documents registered in Scopus have been produced in collaboration with international peers and 54% were co- authored by researchers from at least 2 different nationalities, most of them coming from the United States, France, United Kingdom, Brazil and Germany.

354 international and 76 national agreements that facilitate students, professors and researchers mobility in different contexts. 54 agreements have been signed with education and research institutions in France, 53 in the United States, 29 in Germany, 26 in Spain, 23 in Brazil and 19 in Italy.

There are 10.168 families that are being surveyed by ELCA - Encuesta Longitudinal Colombiana de la Universidad de los Andes. This is the largest and most comprehensive economic, social, and cultural longitudinal study ever done in this country. Among other things, it seeks to gauge the degree to which the dynamics of the market economy affect individual households.