Uniandes and Coursera to launch a master’s degree in Analytical Data Intelligence

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Virtual master’s degree in Analytical Data Intelligence 
Designed for professionals from different disciplines, the program will start in August 2021 and will include three areas: mathematical modelling, information technologies, and business management.

The Universidad de los Andes will offer a master’s degree in Analytical Data Intelligence* in conjunction with Coursera: the global leader and online learning platform. This will be the first completely virtual master’s degree in the subject and will be offered by one of the top-ten universities in Latin America. There will also be a second program in Spanish on the platform. The first program was launched in September 2019 in the area of Software Engineering and is also a master’s degree offered by the Universidad de los Andes.

Registration for the master’s degree in Analytical Data Intelligence (MADI), subject to approval of the National Ministry of Education, will open from February 2021, and the first cohort will begin in August 2021*. This program will be structured for professionals who have a basic knowledge of programming and statistics; they will be trained to resolve problems that require analyzing a large volume and complexity of data. Graduates will be able to support decision making processes, resolve highly complex problems, and create competitive advantages that generate value for their organizations and society.

This will be a two-year postgraduate degree and comprise four paths (which Coursera calls MasterTracks™) that provide both the theory and practice of data analysis and management as well as descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive computational methods. Additionally, students will develop skills in communication, information visualization, group work, and project management. The virtual program will allow students to continue working full-time and still continue with their careers; this gives them the flexibility to learn when and where they want through synchronous and asynchronous learning, group work, online presentations, and various other methods. The MasterTracks™ will be offered by Further Education, and students can take them based on their own interests. They then have the opportunity to validate one path, which is equivalent to one semester of a master’s degree.

Felipe Montes, a professor and the program director, affirms that, “Currently, people who have profiles relating to analytics are the most in-demand in the global job market. Organizations around the world agree that certain skills such as analytical reasoning, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and project management based on data are of the utmost importance to succeed in the marketplace.” According to PwC, more than 90% of CEOs around the world consider that analytics is strategically important, and 68% believe that it is the best way to create value for their stakeholders.

The master’s degree will be offered by the Department of Industrial Engineering at Los Andes, which is well-known for the excellent and prestigious academic level of its undergraduate and postgraduate programs that are accredited by high-level national and international standards. The department has closely collaborated with recognized organizations from the public and private sectors as well as alliances with the best universities around the world to be at the forefront of the field of analytics and its application. For this reason, students apply their knowledge to real problems and will be guided by teaching staff who know the complexities of the challenges that society currently faces and who have experience providing solutions.

“We are really excited to announce the second postgraduate collaboration with the Universidad de los Andes,” affirmed Jeff Maggioncalda, the CEO of Coursera on April 21 during the platform’s global conference. Known for its level of innovation and research, the Universidad de los Andes is the leader in Colombia and is in the top 1% of global higher education, according to the QS world ranking. The Faculty of Engineering has quality teaching staff that have a solid academic foundation; 76% of professors have a PhD.

For more information on the online program, go to the following webpage:


* The program is subject to approval by the Colombian National Ministry of Education.


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