The selection of Ediciones Uniandes research books

A shelf full of books that are published by the Uniandes publishing house.
Every year Los Andes publishes more than one hundred research books. 
The production of research by staff at the Universidad de los Andes is mainly found in academic articles and publications in specialized journals; however, it is also published by books that are listed in the Ediciones Uniandes catalogue.

This publishing house focuses on publishing research books as well as disseminating them through diverse channels.

These channels include the platform eBooks, which uses electronic formats to give the community of researchers, students, and general-public a simple, dynamic, and robust tool to access, consult, read, download, and formally subscribe (from any device) to the contents of the Ediciones Uniandes interdisciplinary catalogue.

“The publishing house relies on the Vice-Dean for Research and Doctorates Office, and the vast majority of books that we offer depends on the research that is undertaken in the university. These products have some particular characteristics and they are reviewed by committees in departments and faculties to be certain that they fulfil academic research publication requirements.”

Ediciones Uniandes is the third most prolific university publishing house; it publishes close to one hundred books a year.

As part of our commitment to make scientific, artistic, and cultural books available for the academic and general-public, we promote co-editions with strategic alliances, foster intercultural dialogue by translating content, and support publishing policies such as open access.


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