Universidad de los Andes announces it will be opening a Caribbean Campus

Drawing of the Universidad de los Andes Caribbean Campus in Cartagena.
Universidad de los Andes Caribbean Campus.
To celebrate Los Andes’ seventieth birthday, the university will, for the first time, open an additional campus to the one in Bogotá.

In May 2018, the Universidad de los Andes will begin activities by offering a variety of academic subjects in its Caribbean Campus located in Cartagena de Indias.

The Caribbean Campus will, to begin with, offer 18 further education and executive curses that are aimed at different publics with diverse interests that have been created, in this first stage, by the Faculties of Business Administration, Social Sciences, and Medicine.

Areas including science, management, and health will be the first the university offers. There will be specific courses that have a low amount of contact time (eight or nine hours) as well as extensive and comprehensive programs that have a length of up to 208 hours.

The university is also considering offering corporate programs that are designed to satisfy specific education needs for employees of organizations in the region as well as immersion weeks for foreign students from universities from other countries who are interested in understanding the culture and reality of business in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The public will be informed of future postgraduate programs, postgraduate diplomas, and master’s degrees as the due processes are completed and the corresponding accreditation certificates are obtained from the Ministry of Education.

The current portfolio presents the first nine international events in which academics and business executives from different countries will participate. They will address issues including the impact women have on business, entrepreneurship in family businesses, opportunities to strengthen relationships with Europe, water resources and environmental management, and the use of quantitative models for optimization processes applied to real situations.

About the Caribbean Campus ​​​​​​​
This is the first time the university will offer of programs outside its main campus; the process will be dynamic and continuously updated based on new options that arise from different academic areas as well as the initiatives that are defined together with both regional and international academic allies.

The Universidad de los Andes Caribbean Campus was designed by the renowned architect Brandon Haw, and it will be part of the Serena del Mar urbanistic project located twelve kilometers from Cartagena’s historic center. It will be situated on an area of land that measures three thousand squared meters and will host classrooms, co-working zones, areas for networking, offices, healthcare services, cafés, and areas to relax and read.

“The new campus is the first to open its doors outside Bogotá, which shows our interest in strengthening the process of regionalization and internationalization – a situation that we are living”, affirms Pablo Navas, the vice-chancellor of the Universidad de los Andes.

With this step forward, the Universidad de los Andes is contributing to the development and international projection of the Caribbean region and is also responding to the regionalization process proposed in the university’s Comprehensive Development Program. This allows the institution to contribute to solving the city and region’s challenges and specific needs, such as training human capital, economic strengthening, competitiveness, and internationalization.


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