LiderAndes seeks to award scholarships to three actors in the conflict

LiderAndes otorga beca actores conflicto

LiderAndes busca otorgar beca a tres actores del conflicto

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LiderAndes otorga beca actores conflicto
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LiderAndes is an initiative of the Student Council that was born in 2014 and seeks to grant a full scholarship to a student with outstanding leadership qualities. Thanks to the support of the entire Uniandina community, the goal of two scholarship recipients has been achieved.

This year, LiderAndes wants to award three scholarships for the Master in Peacebuilding to three actors in the conflict: a victim, a member of the public force and a reinsertion of an armed group outside the law. The campaign starts on April 4.

You can donate online here, at the fifth floor booth of the W Building, or through the 120 Ambassador students of the LiderAndes Scholarship. For each donated weight, the University of the Andes will give an additional weight.

Visit the Leaders page on Facebook and get to know the proposal better:


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