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  • Picture of women doing physical activity


    My body, my rhythm, my voice

    A project that contributes to improving women who have survived breast cancer’s quality of life through physical activity and psychosocial support.

  • Man lying in bed with insomnia


    Research on sleep

    Several research projects about sleep, its relationship with diseases, and its cognitive properties are being undertaken in Los Andes.

  • A spoon with capsules and pills


    Synthetic drugs turn zombies from fiction into reality

    Zombie drugs – How can you identify them? What is in them? What effects do they have? Analysis by Ricardo Peña, professor in the Faculty of Medicine.

  • Image of man thinking


    How do you exercise control over your own life?

    An interdisciplinary project developed by the Universidad de los Andes and the University of California, with funding from the John Templeton Foundation, seeks to answer this question.