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#1: New CEA Podcast Series on COVID-19

#1: New CEA Podcast Series on COVID-19
#1: New CEA Podcast Series on COVID-19

Listen to the Director of International affairs Catalina González Uribe, in the first episode of Global Voices podcast:


Inspired by the need for reliable information, cross-cultural collaboration and communication in the context of COVID-19, three CEA students - Shreya Urvashi from TISS, Juan Camilo Reyes from Uniandes, and Alexander Husenbeth from RUC - have created Global Voices, the Critical Knowledge Podcast. Global Voices is an ongoing and open CEA project to which students, academics, and activists can contribute. Season 1 sheds light on important aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic as a historical, political, psychological, and scientific event. It aims to enable discussions that can help us free ourselves from the atomized realm of our rooms and consider the implications of the historical moment we are living. The first episode is available on SpotifySoundcloud and Hubhopper and contextualizes COVID-19 historically. We were joined by two experts on epidemiology: Catalina Gonzalez Uribe, Master in Anthropology, MSc in Social Epidemiology, as well as Doctorate in Epidemiology and Public Health from University of Los Andes, Colombia; and Maarten van Wijhe from Roskilde University, Denmark, postdoctoral researcher on epidemiology, who works with the historical and statistical aspects of infectious diseases.

Upcoming episodes will explore the following themes:

#2 The Future of Democracy and Civil Society Engagement in Light of COVID-19

#3 The Socioeconomic Implications of the Lockdown, with a special focus on India

#4 Education and Mental Health in Isolation: New Challenges for Motivation and Innovation

#5 Environmental Impact of COVID-19: Crisis and Opportunity in the Anthropocen



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