The university’s administration and academic management consists of a Board of Governors, an Executive Committee, a Chancellor, Vice-Chancellors, a Secretary General, an Academic Council, the deans and heads of department, the Faculty Councils, and all the other staff members and administrative and academic departments necessary for the institution to function.

Our symbols

The official symbols that identify the University de los Andes are its crest and hymn.


The university’s graphic symbol summarizes its identity and it is its insignia par excellence. The design is a crest that is made up of two elements: a black tree framed by a shield with a yellow background.

The intention of its designer, the artist Sergio Trujillo Magnenat, was to create something that had a degree of abstraction, and the person looking at it would discover its significance for himself/ herself. The university wanted to send a message of renewal by redefining its symbol but keeping the essence of the original design. As such, the modernized version gives a more contemporary feel, is more abstract and organic; in only one brush stroke the tree and the shield are joined together. This version seeks to reflect the very essence of the university: a cutting-edge educative institution that is recognized for its excellence, flexibility, commitment, and autonomy.


Click here to download the hymn in wav format

San Alberto Magno Statue

As well as the official symbols, the students and teaching staff have converted the statue of San Alberto Magno into one of the university’s most emblematic graphic elements.

Since 1964 when the German government through Mainz University donated the image of the thirteenth century sage, it has become a decorative element and meeting point for both students and teachers.

During the tenure of University Chancellor Rudolf Hommes (1995-1997), an annual celebration was established that commemorated the death of the so-called Doctor Universalis in order to pay tribute to this statue that is known to the Uniandino community as “El Bobo”.