Uniandes congratulates President Santos for his Nobel Peace Prize

Juan Manuel Santos, nobel peace prize
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The Universidad de los Andes congratulates Juan Manuel Santos Calderón, president of the Republic of Colombia, for winning the Nobel Peace Prize and recognizes the great effort that he has made for peace in our country.

We remember his work as a member of the Uniandes Board of Governors during three different time-periods between 1983-2001 as well as his words at the 2012 graduation ceremony: “Neither your generation, nor ours –your parents’ generation– have ever enjoyed true peace. Thankfully, after many decades of uncertainty, we are turning the page on this long chapter of darkness, and we can see the light that is waiting for us at the end of the tunnel. With a deep faith, I hope that the Colombia in which you will work and bring up your families will be a Colombia living in peace that is focused on the challenges of progress and no longer has to suffer the pain of violence.”


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