Uniandes, best performance as measured by Saber Pro for 26 undergraduate programs

Photo of the W building
The Universiad de los Andes achieved the best results in the 2016 Saber Pro State tests; it had the best performance in 26 of the 31 undergraduate programs that were examined.

Students from 26 undergraduate programs at the Universidad de los Andes -the university presented 31 to be examined by Saber Pro 2016- were awarded the best grades for these State exams that measure the development of young people in their final year at university´s skills.

Three programs were placed second position, with the highest overall average scores, one in third place, and the other in fourth place.

Degrees such as business management, architecture, medicine, civil an environmental engineering, anthropology, biology, political science, law, and economics were awarded the best results.

"There is no other university that can claim to have such a high percentage of programs obtaining first position in the tests", claimed Antonio Ochoa – Head of Competitive Intelligence in the Department of Planning.

A total of 2,452 students took the tests in 2016. The highest overall scores were obtained in the English proficiency module (25 programs stand out in this test), in citizenship tests (14 programs obtained the best results), and in critical reading (14 programs).

Students from 13 different degrees in Uniandes were awarded the best grade in the quantitative reasoning test and 12 in the written communication test.

Los Andes also has 115 of its students who were among the 500 awarded the best results; it is the institution with the highest number of people evaluated who obtained the highest scores.

According to ICFES, 242,629 students enrolled on 583 programs from 204 higher-education institutions took part in last year´s Saber Pro tests.


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