Outstanding Uniandino participation in the Harvard model UN

Image of the UN model
Uniandinos were awarded three awards in five committees.
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Twelve students from the Faculties of Law, Business Administration, and Economics competed in the prestigious United Nations model that was held at the University of Harvard.

More than three thousand students participated in this event from the best universities throughout the world – from 69 countries.

For the fourth consecutive year, the Uniandino delegation has performed outstandingly by receiving three recommendations in five committees.

On this occasion, the delegation achieved its successes when representing the State of Israel and the Republic of Mauritius. It addressed internationally relevant topics such as food security, LGTBIQ community rights, and financing terrorist groups.

After having achieved the best result in this competition, the students went to Washington D.C. where they met Camilo Reyes - the Colombian ambassador to the United States. They spent an afternoon with him discussing Colombia’s international agenda and talked about the practice of diplomacy.

The Uniandes delegation included: Juan Pablo Tello and Mateo Bermeo (Faculty Advisor - Trainer), Álvaro José Salgado and Marianna Caballero (Head Delegate), and Martín Téllez, Isabella Mejía, Juan Pablo Rico, Gabriela Sanabria, Juan David Castro, María Esther Eljach, Camilo Torres, and Nicolás Garzón.
The winners
Álvaro José Salgado and Martín Téllez (Outstanding Delegate- DISEC).

Juan David Castro and Camilo Torres (Honorable Mention- LEGAL).

María Esther Eljach and Nicolás Garzón (Diplomatic Mention- WHO).


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