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Wikimujeres is part of the change and supports the Quiero Estudiar Dinner 2017

Photo of Brenda Pazos

A Uniandes alumni headed the Wikimujeres campaign to buy ticket number 400 for the Quiero Estudiar Dinner 2017.

Brenda Pazos, who studied both her undergraduate and Master´s degrees in law at the Universidad de los Andes led the crowdfunding campaign (collective funding) that managed to collect six million pesos to support the Quiero Estudiar Dinner that took place on 31st May in the Bogota Country Club.

The lawyer from Uniandes found out about the dinner by reading about it in the paper. This year she wanted to fulfil her dream of helping talent: outstanding young people who do not have the financial capacity to study in Uniandes. "It occurred to me to suggest to this group of ´Wikimujeres´ that if we all helped and contributed 50,000 Colombian pesos, we could make a donation in the name of ´Wikimujeres´, stated Pazos.

After several publications to incentivize donations to support Quiero Estudiar in the ´Wikimujeres´ Facebook group, Brenda published this message: "My dear Wikis, the target for this year was 400 people attending the charity dinner. The wikis were ticket number 400!!!!! We did it!!!!!! Many thanks to all of you for your generosity. I hope that life is full of health and happiness for you and all your loved ones".

"I basically did it with all the love in the world and I was really excited every time someone gave 50,000 pesos, but even more so to fulfil the dreams of someone brilliant who I don´t know. Really, I believe that education is the only vehicle for change", added Brenda Pazos. This is not the first time that Brenda Pazos has supported projects that aim to provide brilliant minds with education. For example, in 2015, when she found out about the second Quiero Estudiar Dinner, she donated her savings to one of the ´Wikimujeres´ who needed help to pay a debt with Icetex and who would then be able to enroll her daughters in the university. Also, for several months she has supported Quiero Estudiar on a monthly basis.


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