New record label with works from uniandino artists

Hands control an audio recording console in the Los Andes studio.
The label accepts works from any genre or style, as long as it is original and is well performed. 
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On November 30th, the Uniandes Record Label (Sello Disquero Uniandes – SDU) was launched and this initiative’s first nine projects were announced.

The label looks to encourage the creation of phonographic products that nationally and internationally promote the projection and visibility of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities and the Department of Music.

It also seeks to have a high musical impact through academic, cultural, and heritage exchanges between private, public, and academic institutions on both a national and international level. This allows for musical culture to be created based on the development of Colombian talent.

It also looks to generate institutional collaboration projects that are based on academic partnerships between Universidad de los Andes and other national and international institutions and hold academic activities on topics relating to the music industry in order to strengthen and professionalize the independent music community in Colombia.

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